Vondrák – Kudryavtsev – Vyvozilová

or International Trio of Songwriters of Goodwill

Jiří Vondrák (CZ) – Alexey Kudryavtsev (RU) – Helena Vyvozilová (CZ)


Project is the Czech-Russian poetical mixture of the authors´songs in two different languages  with songs of the artists like Bulat Okudžava a Vladimír Vysocký or Donovan. The whole show is interluded with personal comments and memories about world known artists, with whome Jiří Vondrák filmed docu movies (approx 150 of them already), or lovely details of Vladimír Vysocký life co narrated by Alexey KudryavtsevAnd you will hear as well plenty of funny stories from all arounf the globe, where the Trio have already played.
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