Mě to tady (ne)baví

Cabaret combining music and theatre and the most known hits of Czechoslovakian scene of 30´s and 40´s.

The songs and stories will remind such stars as Adina Mandlová, R. A. Dvorský, Hugo Haas and dozens others.

Little orchestra will bring you to the poshy and shining days of gentlemen in gloves and tuxedos and ladies with fascinators.

Lovely humour and catchy melodies will make from your evening the unforgettable experience, which will make you smile at least till next morning.

Pure artetherapy with calming effects!

You can look forward to this ensemble:

  • Hana Robinson / lead vocal, piano zpěv, klavír
  • Jiří Vondrák / lead vocal
  • Helena Vyvozilová / violin, flute, vocal
  • Petr Keller / doublebass
  • Ctibor Bártek / drum set
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