Compositions rooted in the Slovak traditional music, fusing East European folk elements with modern music influences.

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With its hit song “Taká sa mi páči” Hrdza achieved a surprising success
at national level of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2016 Hrdza successfully went through tothe Finals of Czech & Slovakia Got

The Slovakia-based band Hrdza are currently one of the most popular world music acts in their homeland. Their own modern compositions that build on the east European folk tradition.
Hrdza are a powerful live act; high energy performance, strong vocals and catchy tunes evoke a favourable response from any kind of audience.
Hrdza have been on they scene for almost 20 years and won over 20  prestigious awards home and abroad but also mainstream contests such as the U.S. Steel Talent Night (SK, 2004), Coca-Cola PopStar (SK, 2005).

“As soon as the first song begins, you realize you’ve found something special here. Music played with joy, music with heart.
Soaring voices, top notch musicianship, cleverly crafted original songs and first rate production are brought together with a genuine flair and feel for the compositions. These folks aren’t just going through the motions of making music, they’ve crafted the real deal here, blending the old and new into a wonderfully pleasing sound. Records this enchanting don’t come along every
day, so don’t miss this one”.
Joe Vincenza, Director of Content & Operations, WUWF Public Media, Pensacola, USA


  • Muzička (Hrdza  2002)
  • Pod božími oknami (Universal Music 2006)
  • Hajnajnanyja (Universal Music, 2009)
  • “Best of” album Hrdzavá osemnástka (Hrdza, 2016)
  • Neskrotený (Hrdza 2018)


The new album Neskrotený comprises of eleven original compositions mostly written by the band’s leader and three adapted very little-known traditional songs with vocals in Slovak, Rusyn and Ukrainian. Apart from the frontman’s vocals the album also features two female vocalists, Susanna Jara,
born in Ukraine and residing in Poland and also Slovakia-based
Lucia Gibarti. Hrdza’s violin player, Dominik Maniak, is a respected young talent well known in the Slovak folk circles.
The album also hosts a lot of special guest musicians such as Mykhaylo Zakhariya, a Moldavian cimbalom player who now lives in Slovakia, many Slovak well know folk music names such as Milan Renďoš, Gabi Silvay, Michal Noga, Šafolka and also Nachyn Choreve, a throat singer and igil player from Tuva in southern Siberia.

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